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Lakeview Specialty Hospital and Rehab is a Joint Commission Accredited and licensed long term acute care hospital (LTACH) that has delivered 25 years of innovative programs and extensive services with expertise in medically complex care, neurobehavioral health, rehabilitation, and community supportive living. With superior proficiency in brain injury rehabilitation and complex respiratory care we are able to help our patients with difficult medical conditions reach their highest level of healing and functional independence possible. Located on more than 80 acres in a rural community outside of Milwaukee in Waterford, Wisconsin. Our peaceful grounds, coupled with tenured, talented and caring staff, lend to the healing and recovery process.


  • Long Term Medical Acute Care
  • Pulmonary/Vent Program
  • Coma Recovery Program
  • Neurobehavioral Program
  • Complex Wound Care
  • Dialysis
  • Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapies
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Out-Patient Medical Clinic
  • Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF)
  • Critical Care Transport Service

Our Mission

Lakeview’s integrated continuum of care facilitates the full realization of human potential through quality, state-of-the-art services.

Lakeview’s mission is to help those we serve and with whom we work realize their full human potential in a safe and respectful environment. We provide effective programing for people facing significant physical, cognitive, and behavioral challenges. As a community partner, we are dedicated to quality, person-centered care and treatment of the individuals we support.


Great Service

Vision Statement

As a leader in the field, Lakeview is a respected, reliable provider dedicated to the treatment, rehabilitation, care, education and support of individuals with complex challenges. This is achieved through effective person-centered care, efficient use of available resources, best practices and engagement with stakeholders.

Professional Medical Team

Habel, Alfred
Alfred Habel, MD

Executive Medical Director

Majeed, Mustansir
Mustansir Majeed, MD

President of MEC and
Director of Clinic Services

Jairo Eraso, MD .

Infectious Disease

Sorenson, Cindy
Cindy Sorenson, PsyD

Clinical Director of Behavior Health Services

Ruffolo, Stefanie Suzanne
Stefanie Ruffolo, MD


Williams, O’Rell- preference
O’Rell Williams, MD


Museitif, Raaid
Raaid Museitif, MD


Warren, Paul
Paul Warren, MD


Khan, Tahir
Tahir Khan, DPM


Semon, Bruce
Bruce Semon,M.D


Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Slover


Andy Olivares

262-534-7297 x510
Chief Nursing Officer

Tracy Donaghy, RN, MSN

262-534-7297 x520

Judith Welch

262-534-7297 x502

Ted Myers

262-534-7297 x563
Director of Respiratory

Marilyn Hude , RT

262-534-7297 x562
Director of Pharmacy

Brad Kendziora, PharmD, RPH

262-534-7297 x564
EMS Medical Director
Director of EMS

Todd Bluhm, CCP

262-534-7297 x558
Lead Occupational Therapist

Julie Michals, OTR

262-534-7297 x230
Lead Physical Therapist

Stacey Schmidt, PT

262-534-7297 x231
Lead Speech Therapist

Carolyn Averill

262-534-7297 x346
Director of Ancillary Services

Roger Schmitz

262-534-7297 x511
Director of Admissions

Natalie Taylor, MSM

262-534-7297 x509
Lead Clinical Liaison
QAPI Coordinator

Nicole Greider

262-534-7297 x589
Director of Quality, Informatics

Mary Safiran, MSN, RN

262-534-7297 x514
Clinical Director Mill Pond
Director of Human Resources

Brenda Duke

262-534-7297 x370
Executive Assistant/Supervisor

Julie Natrop

262-537-7297 x549
Director of IT

Kha Vu

262-534-7297 x545
General Counsel

John Burnside

262-534-7297 x219
Director of Reimbursement

Angela Johnson

262-534-7297 x597
Clinical Liaison

Candace Cerka