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All of us face difficult challenges in life. None more so than the people and their families struggling with the aftermath of critical illness, brain injury or the debilitating effects of conditions affecting cognitive, neurological, and behavioral function. Through close medical supervision and experienced staff our hospital and community based programs optimize the healing process.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Visitation Policy

Dear Valued Employees:

Thank you everyone for contributing to the prevention of COVID-19 in our facility. We are pleased to announce that it has been 14 days since the last exposure to a positive COVID-19 case in our facility. However, the community transmission in Racine County is still high. With that said, testing will continue for specific groups (see testing below), and the outbreak investigation will remain open for two more weeks (28 days after the last facility exposure.)

Please continue observing the following Infection Control Recommendations:

- Screening: Everyone will be screened for COVID-19 to enter the facility. Those who are not Up-To-Date* may be asked for additional information.

- Testing: Staff that are NOT Up-To-Date* with vaccination will be tested twice a week. No testing is necessary for visitors, vendors, and Up-to-Date staff. Anyone with symptoms or exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case will be tested. As a reminder, to order free at-home COVID-19 tests, visit www.covidtests.gov.

- Visitation: No restriction regarding infection control at this time is recommended.

- Prevention measures:

o Frequent hand hygiene

o Appropriate use of PPE. A surgical mask is required at all times for everyone in the facility. Eye protection is required for every patient/resident encounter. Visitors and vendors will be required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times, with no exceptions. Visitors will go directly to their patient/resident’s room, avoiding unnecessary wandering. Full PPE, including an N-95 mask, is required to work with positive cases at all times. Please call the clinic at Ext-565 to schedule your N-95 fit test today. Fit testing is required for all direct care staff upon hire and every year.

o Watching for symptoms: All staff will remain vigilant and continue to comply with the prevention measures. Thank you for your continued commitment to patients, residents, and each other. Reporting any symptoms or exposures to your supervisor and Infection Control is crucial, even when you think your symptoms are irrelevant or related to another illness (i.e., seasonal allergies).

o Vaccination: We recommend that you get up-to-date with your COVID-19. Moderna vaccine is available here at Lakeview upon appointment. Contact the Clinic at Ext 565, to schedule your vaccine. For other vaccines, please visit the Covid-19 Vaccination Special Event directory provided by 2-1-1 Wisconsin https://211wisconsin.communityos.org/public-event-search?localHistory=FiCTqMk4dcjJTE_GBybZGQ

* Up-To-Date: Based on the most recent updates from CDC (2022, May 24) you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines when you have received all doses in the primary series and all boosters recommended for you, when eligible.

Note: COVID-19 vaccine boosters can further enhance or restore protection that might have decreased over time after your primary series vaccination. People are protected best from severe COVID-19 illness when they stay up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines, which includes getting all recommended boosters when eligible.

CDC. Stay Up to Date with Your COVID-19 Vaccines. For more information visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/stay-up-to-date.html

Together, we can continue to do a great job of preventing the spread of the virus, especially to patients and residents.

Thank you,

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Whether an individual is in need of extended, post-ICU acute care hospitalization or extensive neurobehavioral or neurorehabilitation programs following acute care, we have the facilities, services, experience, and dedication that make a difference. Our goal is to ensure each person receives the care that best meets his or her unique challenges and facilitates a quicker path to living in the community and return to home, work and family life.