Lakeview Programs & Services

Lakeview Specialty Hospital & Rehab in Waterford, Wisconsin, is the hub in our full continuum of care for individuals with acute medical neurological, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities. Our programs and services offered at all Lakeview locations are state-of-the-art, focusing on the goals of each individual through the implementation of best clinical practices.

Our programs provide a moderately to highly structured treatment environment with clinical expertise meeting the needs of persons with medically complex needs, acquired brain injury, neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental conditions. The goal of each program is to provide a safe and caring environment for each program participant so as to clarify diagnosis, maximize recovery, enhance functional skills, and successfully transition to a less intensive setting through a team-based, person-centered process. Lakeview works closely with families and funders to increase understanding, implement successful strategies, and manage future risks.

Lakeview’s services are also provided to individuals in community settings. Lakeview staff serve as consultants to individuals through their home settings, school districts, or other agencies. Hillside School provides special education through residential or day school programming with transition programs for young adults.


Specialty AcuteSpecialty Acute Care Hospital

Lakeview Specialty Hospital, located in Waterford, Wisconsin, is licensed as an acute care hospital founded to enable individuals with catastrophic injuries and illness, acquired brain injuries, neurobehavioral impairments and other complex medical diagnoses to achieve the highest level of healing and functional independence possible. Located on 80+ acres in a rural community outside of Milwaukee, our peaceful grounds, coupled with tenured, talented and caring staff, lend to the healing process.

  • Long Term Medical Acute Care
  • Coma Recovery Program
  • Neurobehavioral Program
  • Pulmonary/Vent Program
  • Complex Wound Care
  • Dialysis



NeurobehavioralNeurobehavioral & Rehab Programs

Lakeview Specialty Hospital and Rehab provides highly effective, comprehensive programs addressing neurobehavioral complications and neurorehabilitation needs. Please contact a Lakeview team member to learn more about programs appropriate for an individual’s treatment.

  • Adult Programs
  • Adult Residential Treatment
  • Neurobehavioral Program



Lakeview Cricital Care EMS

Provides Critical Care transport for our Hospital and CBRF patients, we are also available to provided non-emergent community transports. We have mini- and wheelchair vans available, as well as ambulance transport services up to the Critical Care level. For more information or to set-up a transport please call: 262-957-6930.



Community IntegratedCommunity Integrated Programs

Lakeview at Millpond provides community-integrated transitional and long-term supported living environments for adults (18 and older) with neurobehavioral challenges. Our greater goal is to empower people to live fully, realize their goals, and engage thoroughly in their home lives and communities.

  • Supported Living Environments
  • Residential Support
  • Community Services
  • Vocational Support
  • Community Culture
  • Life Style Opportunities
  • Medical and Mental Health
  • Vocational Opportunities