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Dr. Tina Trudel, Lakeview COO, to Speak at NH Adjuster’s Conference on October 11, 2013

Tina M. Trudel, PhD will be a featured speaker addressing mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and post-concussive syndrome at the 2013 NH Adjusters Conference on Friday, October 11th. The conference will be held from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (registration begins at 7:30 AM) at the Radisson Hotel, 11 Tara Blvd, Nashua, NH 03062. The program will provide seven Workers Compensation or Multi-line credits with Luncheon included. The cost is $125 for members of the NH Adjuster’s Association and $150 for non-members.

Lakeview NH Huntington’s Society 5K Walk at UNH

Lakeview is a proud sponsor of the Annual 5k Walk for Huntington ’s Disease at the University of New Hampshire Campus on 09/21/13. Lakeview’s Regional Development Coordinator, Michelle Campbell was on site to hand out Lakeview water bottles to all participants and volunteers.

Lakeview NH Half Marathon Team

On 09/08/13 Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center sponsored a six person team to compete in the New Hampshire Brain Injury Association (NH BIA) 2nd Annual Heads Up Half Marathon. This 13 plus mile race was held on a windy day in downtown Concord, NH. Lakeview’s team consisted of Phil Major, Director of Plant Operations, Lorene Zammuto, Director of Nursing, Sandra Hooper, Associate Director of Nursing, Jean Martel, Director of Human Resources, Alicia Olson, Human Resource Business Partner and Heidi Chauvin, Primary Nurse.

Dr. James Lewis, III to lead Lakeview, NH Youth Programs

Dr. James Lewis, III

Lakeview is pleased to announce that Dr. James Lewis has joined as leader of our child, adolescent and young adult services in NH!  Dr. Lewis has over two decades of experience working with children who have experienced trauma as a result of exposure to violence.  His undergraduate degree is from the University of Michigan and Doctor of Psychology degree from Central Michigan University.   He also completed a Master's Degree in Psychology at Howard University. In addition, Dr. Lewis developed expertise in the neuropsychological evaluation of persons with medical conditions.

Dr. Tina Trudel Presenter - Autism Spectrum Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder

Lakeview’s Dr. Tina Trudel recently presented two sessions at the Pennsylvania CIU#10 training conference held in Bellefonte, PA, on August 13&14.  Dr. Trudel shared her expertise on the topics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), diagnoses served at all three Lakeview CARF (rehabilitation ) and Joint Commission (behavioral health) accredited youth programs in Lewistown, PA, Effingham, NH and Waterford, WI.  Dr. Trudel previously served on the NH Autism Task force and was one of the authors of the text : Autism Practice Guidelines: Assessment and Intervention (2001) published by the NH Department of Health and Human Services.  Dr. Trudel noted,’ I am pleased to have the opportunity to present on Autism and Reactive Attachment Disorder, both diagnoses Lakeview is treating with increased frequency in our programs.  Both ASD and RAD are associated with many myths and fads, and it is important to share the current science, best practices and evidence–based treatment as we continue to learn more and enhance our interventions to help children with Autism Spectrum and Reactive Attachment Disorder diagnoses.’

Dr. Amanda Goza Named Lakeview, NH Clinical Director

Lakeview’s former leader of Youth Services, Dr. Amanda Goza, has accepted promotion to serve as Lakeview NH’s Clinical Director. During her time at Lakeview, Dr. Goza has been instrumental in integrating applied behavior analysis (ABA) and psychological services in both Lakeview’s certified special education program and residential treatment program, enhancing the Trauma Informed Care model, developing a specialized Young Adult Program for those over 18 and ensuring the Lakeview program meets or exceeds all licensing and accreditation standards, including CARF (rehabilitation) and Joint Commission (Behavioral Health).

Mother credits Lakeview with helping her daughter

Published Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2013 06:33 in the Conway Daily Sun

EFFINGHAM – The mother of a special needs woman says her daughter was helped tremendously by Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center.

On Tuesday, Casey Ralston, 21, left Lakeview with her mother, Julie Clipp, in an RV bound for a group home in Pennsylvania. Casey's family lives outside of Philadelphia.

Clipp explained that since Casey turned 21, the state of Pennsylvania will no longer pay an out of state facility and thus Casey had to move back. Casey has autism and a diagnosis of severe cognitive disability.


The BRAIN Initiative

For the first time in memory, a President of the United States is directly addressing the human brain and all of the disorders stemming from brain dysfunction. On April 2nd, President Obama launched the BRAIN Initiative, a national public-private initiative to map the human brain. This project combines federal funds and private sector dollars in the same way done to map the human genome. The Human Genome project was an amazing success, the fruits of which will be borne for decades to come. According to the White House, along with advancing science and health, the Human Genome project has provided an economic return of $141 for every dollar invested. Undoubtedly, the BRAIN Initiative will reap similar scientific, therapeutic and economic returns.

Lakeview Team Presents Research on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Atypical Catatonia after TBI

Lakeview’s Dr. Cindy Sorenson just returned from the North American Brain Injury Society’s ninth annual conference held in New Orleans, LA (, a tremendous learning opportunity in a fantastic location.  She had the opportunity to present and discuss a research poster presentation submitted by a team of colleagues from Lakeview (Nicole JoAnne Wood, PsyD, James Cohn, MD & Cindy Sorenson, PsyD) entitled “Atypical Presentation of Catatonia in a 20 year-old Male with a Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Study.”  The case reviewed involved a patient admitted to Lakeview this year from a large regional hospital who was noted to demonstrate a pattern of fluent language expression with only mild to moderate paraphasic errors, but almost no discernable capacity to comprehend speech or writing.   Because this presentation did not match any known neurological pattern of speech derailment, alternative explanations for his condition were pursued.  Although he did not display the more classic features of catatonia, such as immobility or mutism, he did show more minor manifestations and treatment with Lorazepam was initiated.  Within one hour of his first dose, he was for the first time since his TBI, able to reliably follow instructions, answer questions, and engage in a reciprocal social exchange, with additional gains demonstrated across the following several days.  This pattern of language impairment in catatonia has not been previously reported and it was the focused expertise of the treatment team at Lakeview that identified the proper diagnosis and treatment for this case with such an outstanding outcome.

Lakeview's Use of Neuropsychological Assessment in the Treatment of Brain Tumor Complications

On September 14-17, Lakeview intern, NicoleJoanne Wood, PsyD, presented her research poster on "Neuropsychological Sequellae in an Adolescent with Hypothalamic Glioma Resection, Panyhypopituitarism, and VP Shunt:  Implications for Treatment" at the North American Brain Injury Society Conference in New Orleans, LA (  The poster demonstrated the success of treatment plans rooted in neuropsychological assessment.  Treatment plans included memory cues, schedules, pre-teaching, staff psychoeducation, planned ignoring of behaviors to decrease, and safety considerations.  The patient showed a 97% decreased of self-injurious behavior and a 93% decrease in aggressive behavior.  Dr. Wood's research exemplifies Lakeview's state of the art treatment of individuals with complex clinical presentations.