Diane Gutierrez, MEd, Joins Lakeview Northeast Programs as Associate Administrator

Lakeview is pleased to announce that Diane Gutierrez, MEd, has joined our Northeast programs as Associate Administrator, overseeing Case Management, Community Programs and Quality Assurance. Ms. Gutierrez has a background in education and psychology, and has over twenty years in healthcare, specializing in acute care, residential, and home & community-based programs. She completed her initial training in brain injury at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) of Houston, TX, one of the nation’s leading rehabilitation hospitals, where she was part of a TBI Model System and other federal grant projects. Ms. Gutierrez has served on several state and national committees to advocate on behalf of individuals with brain injuries. She developed the state guidelines manual for school re-entry following brain injury for Texas and Oklahoma. During her tenure at the Brown Schools, Ms. Gutierrez was part of a committee that developed curriculum for substance use and brain injury. She has also held key leadership positions in post-acute rehabilitation including as VP of Clinical Services for Neurorestorative/Mentor ABI, and as Program Director/Quality and Compliance Manager for the Hope Network. Ms. Gutierrez is a CARF surveyor (international rehabilitation accreditation), which strengthens her appreciation for the infrastructure that supports a clinical program moving forward. She also functions as a key member on a national committee accountable for identifying best practices in outcomes measurement for post-acute brain injury. She additionally serves as a member of the Special Interest Group (SIG) for the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine that is addressing outcome measurement. Ms. Gutierrez will be based at Lakeview’s Effingham, NH campus. Please extend a warm welcome!