Dr. James Lewis Works with Law Enforcement Regarding Mental Illness

Dr. James Lewis and Chief ButtsDr. James Lewis, Director of Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center’s Youth Program has been, over the past few months, hard at work extending the message and understanding of the residence and clients of Lakeview. By providing multiple presentations to local law enforcement officers and Fish and Game personnel, Dr. Lewis’ has begun the process of enlightening and providing basic and introductory training to law enforcement regarding the most effective way to handle and respond to situations where mental illness plays a role.

One of the most recent trainings took place at Post E with regional Law Enforcement that included, among other's, Ossipee, Freedom, Tamworth Village PD's, three County Sheriff's – including Carroll, NH State troopers – and other Law Enforcement organizations. Also present was the Carroll County prosecutor and Michael Scala, Special Assistant for Casework and Projects and the Chief of Detectives, Justin Rowe.

The basic message to the group was that the law enforcement and first responder fields tend to see more mental illness and children traumatized by exposure to violence than is seen at Lakeview. We Lakeview does have however, are considerably more resources in understanding how to respond to mental illness and to children from a developmental perspective.

Dr. Lewis’ presentations are based on that belief that law enforcement could benefit from training by Lakeview professionals who are willing to provide and tailor that training to meet the specific needs of law enforcement. At these meetings, Lakeview representatives displayed modular training that had been developed for various law enforcement entities and distributed handouts.