Mother credits Lakeview with helping her daughter

Published Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2013 06:33 in the Conway Daily Sun

EFFINGHAM – The mother of a special needs woman says her daughter was helped tremendously by Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center.

On Tuesday, Casey Ralston, 21, left Lakeview with her mother, Julie Clipp, in an RV bound for a group home in Pennsylvania. Casey's family lives outside of Philadelphia.

Clipp explained that since Casey turned 21, the state of Pennsylvania will no longer pay an out of state facility and thus Casey had to move back. Casey has autism and a diagnosis of severe cognitive disability.

"She started developing serious behavior issues when she was around 10," said Clipp adding Casey had problems with biting.

In the year before coming to Lakeview, Casey's problems escalated to the point that she was "aggressive all the time," said Clipp adding in a nine-month school year Casey was physically restrained over 200 times.

After looking at alternatives as far away as Florida, Clipp and her husband, Sam, learned of Lakeview, which offered friendly staff and an attractive behavior program that didn't rely as much on physical restraints.

Lakeview drastically reduced the number of times Casey was aggressive. The aggressive behavior she does have is now easier to manage. Clipp says she and Sam had been visiting Casey at Lakeview every four weeks.

"She's happy again," said Clipp of her daughter. "The expertise they (Lakeview) have there is just amazing. Everybody has been really nice to us and responsive to any complaints or problems that we've had."

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