Lakeview’s Robyn Rushing, VP of Medical Operations, to Speak on Advances in Ventilator Weaning of Patients with TBI at NABIS

As a facility of choice, Lakeview Specialty Hospital & Rehab continues to be the expert resource for families seeking continued aggressive medical care and evidence based neuropsychological interventions for loved ones with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  The Lakeview clinical team is composed of accomplished clinicians specializing in this complex population of patients.  Pulmonary Intensivists, Critical Care Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Critical Care Paramedics, Speech, Physical and Occupational therapists along with many other specialized clinicians, have worked together over the past three years to better identify key factors in weaning patients with TBI from mechanical ventilation.  The program now boasts a 95% success rate for weaning and decannulation.

The focus areas of the Lakeview Vent Weaning Program, such as ability to swallow and maintain patent airway, the process for controlling anxiety and stress outbursts, and other obstacles that otherwise limit removal of life support, will be highlighted.  Specific case study outcomes and the story of human perseverance along with key medical components of managing this complex patient group will be discussed in a NABIS presentation at the annual meeting in Miami by Robyn Rushing, VP of Medical Operations for Lakeview Specialty Hospital & Rehab.  Ms. Rushing will outline those factors and the resources, protocols and follow through necessary to demonstrate continued success after discharging these patient back to their community.  She will share protocols and strategies that can be implemented in a number of care environments, to assist the patient in becoming ventilator free and moving toward a more productive and rehabilitative life outcome.  For more information on NABIS, go to