Lakeview Youth Program and Hillside School Approved in WI and under the School Code of IL

The Lakeview Specialty Hospital & Rehab Child and Adolescent programs are recognized leaders in the treatment of neurobehavioral disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorders and other conditions affecting cognition, behavior and learning.  Lakeview’s program, located in Waterford, Wisconsin, provides effective and empirically sound treatment to children, youth, and their families to quickly evaluate and address challenges to success within home and school.  Our program is nationally recognized and accredited through the Joint Commission (Behavioral Health) and CARF International (Rehabilitation) as a center for excellence, and is a WI approved special education program approved under section 14-7.02 of the School Code of Illinois .  The youth program and school are housed within the same complex as our well-known acute care specialty hospital, outpatient clinic and rehabilitation services, allowing us to access resources for the most medically complex youth.

While onsite, participants have access to our skilled team of medical and allied services professionals to address their complex healthcare and therapy needs.  We also provide full individual, group and family counseling including on-site training visits, webex access and loaner cameras for secure family therapy in vivo or by videoconference, and facilitated video and telecommunications for virtual family visits.   Additionally, our accredited K-12 school provides year round educational services during treatment stays and features a full gymnasium cutting edge technology and accredited special educators.  Our teams work quickly to effectively address each barrier to success; returning the participant home with a comprehensive discharge plan and follow support available through our behavioral health clinic, outpatient services and collaboration with discharge sites to ensure ongoing positive change.

Nationally, Lakeview has a reputation for success with complex and challenging cases.  Our goal is to help children, adolescents and their families the highest quality of life available.