IARP Conference to Feature Lakeview’s Dr. Tina Trudel Addressing Neurotoxin Exposure

‘Neurotoxins: Living in the Chemical World’, will be presented by Lakeview’s COO Dr. Tina Trudel at the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP) Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 25-27, 2012.  The presentation will examine the impact of neurotoxin exposure, with a focus on central nervous system damage and concomitant symptoms.  Common occupational and environmental neurotoxins will be discussed, including heavy metals, solvents, organosphosphates and other substances, for both acute and low level long term exposure.  Aspects of assessment, treatment and long term outcomes for both youth and adults will also be reviewed.  For further information on this conference, please visit www.rehabpro.org.