Dr. Michael Mozzoni Featured at Maine Brain Injury Conference

Dr. Michael Mozzoni, Lakeview’s Director of Behavioral Services and Training will be a featured presenter at the Maine Brain Injury Conference on 10/23/12 at the Abromson Center of the University of Southern Maine.  Dr. Mozzoni will be speaking on, ’Training Methods in Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Fluency & Discounting .’  This program is designed to identify behavior management training methods and tactics for skill acquisition for use in the neurorehabilitation setting.  The scope of the problem in terms of frequency, funding and long term considerations necessitates that therapists function as efficiently and effectively as possible. While evidence based practices aide in identifying treatment methods, decisions made by using single subject designs help the practitioner determine if the person is making timely progress. Given the decreasing length of stays in rehabilitation we must use the most effective training and measurement methods available. It is our hope that this program will provide practitioners with useful information.