Lakeview’s Dr. Tina Trudel to Keynote at Maine Brain Injury Conference

Lakeview’s President/Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Tina Trudel, will be providing a keynote address at the  Maine Brain Injury Conference, ‘Defining Moments in Brain Injury’ on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at the Abromson Center of the University of Southern Maine.  This presentation will address Dr. Trudel’s continued work examining sexuality after brain injury.   Participant will learn the neurological elements of sexual behavior and potential complications from brain injury and pharmacology.  The history of sexual oppression among various disability groups, particularly persons with cognitive impairment will be discussed, with particular focus on the different experiences, expectation and challenges regarding sexuality for men and women with TBI across the lifespan and their implications for intervention and outcome.  Participants will learn about therapeutic interventions to facilitate satisfying intimacy and sexual experiences.