Dr. Michael Mozzoni Presenting on Behavioral Methods in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Please join Lakeview at the North American Brain Injury Society’s (NABIS) Annual Conference in Miami, FL  9/11-9/15/2012 where Lakeview’s Director of Behavioral Services and Training, Dr. Michael Mozzoni, will be presenting on ‘Training Methods in Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Limbic Activation, Fluency and Discounting’.  People with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) often present with problems in the areas of: impulsivity, attention, memory, awareness and disinhibition. They may have difficulty learning/re-learning skills and information, which can slow progress and compromise treatment success. These deficits, in many cases, result in acquired learning disabilities.  Training methods developed in special education for persons with learning disabilities appear to be appropriate and effective for persons with ABI.  Funding pressures have dramatically decreased the time allowed for treatment, requiring therapists to use more efficient training methods. This presentation will demonstrate training methods found in the behavioral literature and effectively applied to persons with ABI. Evidence in the behavioral literature concerning methods of fluency, discounting and trial presentation will be presented with several case examples.  In addition, some original research will be presented concerning mild limbic system activation to retrain autobiographical memory. Issues of motivation, alignment of expectations and success in therapy sessions will be reviewed in relation to behavior management and skill acquisition.   For more information, please visit www.nabis.org.