Lakeview's Dr. Tina Trudel Addresses Aging and Gender Issues at TBI Summit Meeting

Lakeview's Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Tina Trudel delivered two addresses at this week's TBI Summit Conference in Beaver Creek, CO, hosted by Craig Hospital. Dr. Trudel's first presentation provided an overview of gender issues in brain injury rehabilitation, including a comprehensive review of the literature on women's recovery and the influences of economic, domestic violence, behavioral health, hormonal and other issues. She will be a co-presenter with other leaders in the field at a pre-conference workshop on women's issues during the International Brain Injury Association meeting in Edinburg, Scotland March 21-25, 2012. Dr. Trudel's second presentation reviewed her years of work with colleagues on aging with brain injury as Chair of the Brain Injury Long Term Issues Task Force of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Additionally Dr. Trudel presented the findings from the systematic review of the current research literature on dementia after brain injury, which she initiated with colleagues as the Senior Scientist - Section Leader (Dementia-Aging) in 2008-2009 as part of the Moody Foundation Galveston Brain Injury Conference/Study Group. These presentations will be featured as part of Lakeview's 2012 Third Thursday at Three continuing education speaker series.