Lakeview's Use of Neuropsychological Assessment in the Treatment of Brain Tumor Complications

On September 14-17, Lakeview intern, NicoleJoanne Wood, PsyD, presented her research poster on "Neuropsychological Sequellae in an Adolescent with Hypothalamic Glioma Resection, Panyhypopituitarism, and VP Shunt:  Implications for Treatment" at the North American Brain Injury Society Conference in New Orleans, LA (  The poster demonstrated the success of treatment plans rooted in neuropsychological assessment.  Treatment plans included memory cues, schedules, pre-teaching, staff psychoeducation, planned ignoring of behaviors to decrease, and safety considerations.  The patient showed a 97% decreased of self-injurious behavior and a 93% decrease in aggressive behavior.  Dr. Wood's research exemplifies Lakeview's state of the art treatment of individuals with complex clinical presentations.