Learn About Neuropsychology and Intervention Strategies at BIA of Iowa Conference

Lakeview’s Dr. Amanda Messina and Behavior Analyst Mahin Para-Cremer, MEd, BCABA, will be presenting on, “Using a Neuropsychological Evaluation to Develop Effective Individualized Intervention Strategies to Intervene with Children and Adults with Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury” at the BIA of Iowa Conference held March 10-11, 2011 at the Sheraton, West Des Moines, IA - http://www.biausa.org/Iowa/.  A neuropsychological Evaluation can provide extensive information about how an individual’s functioning has been impacted following a TBI/ABI.  There are many different areas that are potentially assessed during this brain-behavior evaluation process, and the resulting information is a valuable tool in the identification of effective strategies for intervention and treatment.  This presentation will review the components of neuropsychological evaluation and identify the process for developing effective individualized intervention strategies based on the assessment results.    Dr. Amanda Messina is the Director of Child and Youth Services for Lakeview Specialty Hospital and Rehab in Waterford, Wisconsin.  She completed her degree in clinical psychology and is presently completing her post-doctoral residency.  She has extensive experience providing assessments, clinical treatment, and psychotherapy to children and adults with disabilities, including Brain Injury, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disorders, and Mental Health Diagnoses.    Mahin Para-Cremer has worked with parents, families, teachers, service providers, and advocates to improve the quality of life for children and adults with Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injuries, as well as other disabilities.   Mahin is a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst and Clinical Liaison for Lakeview Specialty Hospital and Rehab in Waterford, Wisconsin.  She holds a Masters degree in Special Education and Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Kansas.