Lakeview Rehab at Home Launched to Provide Specialized Home Health Services

Under the direction of long-time brain injury leader Eldon Munson and Lakeview's Vice-President of Development Sue Bartlett, Lakeview Rehab at Home was officially licensed and launched in NH.  This dynamic new service will provide for expert professional services and support staff in the participants home-based and community settings.  The entire array of rehabilitation and behavioral professionals is available, along with custom care planning and competitive pricing for insurers and workers compensation case managers.  While specializing in brain injury, the expertise and services offered may benefit anyone with a rehabilitation need, neurologic condition or developmental challenge, including youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Future plans include expanding this service throughout New England (MA and ME are already under way), the Mid-Atlantic region (NJ, NY, PA) and the upper Midwest (IA, IL, WI) in 2011.