Dr. Tina Trudel addresses 1st World Congress on Neurotechnology in Rome

Speaking on the applications of neurotechnology in brain injury rehabilitation at the World Congress of Neurotechnology in Rome, Lakeview's Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Tina Trudel, noted the advances in use of assistive technology across the general population, as well as among those recovering from brain injury.  PDAs, GPS units, organizers and countless memory devices have been used as rehabilitation tools, including through clinical projects she coordinated at the DVBIC (Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center)site in Charlottesville, serving veterans with brain injury.  She also highlighted a pilot project for post-TBI driving simulation involving veterans and her colleagues at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Trudel emphasized the importance of matching the person's needs and goals appropriately to optimize use of technology, citing the influential work of Dr. Marcia Scherer.  The lecture concluded with an overview of the new research and clinical applications of computerized instructional technology which were piloted at Lakeview and the Bedford, MA VA program, which are now being advanced under her direction through the DVBIC Charlottesville program.  This project inolves collaboration with Instructional Systems Incorporated (ISI), a well known educational and workforce development software company headed up by CEO Martin Kaminer.