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All of us face difficult challenges in life. None more so than the people and their families struggling with the aftermath of brain injury or the debilitating effects of conditions affecting cognitive, neurological, and behavioral function. The situation can be confusing and often overwhelming.

Lakeview is here and ready to help.

Whether an individual is in need of extended, post-ICU acute care hospitalization or extensive neurobehavioral or neurorehabilitation programs following acute care, we have the facilities, services, experience, and dedication that make the difference. Our goal is to ensure each person receives the care that best meets his or her unique challenges and facilitates a quicker path to  living in the community and return to home, work and family life.

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Brain Injury Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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Lakeview's best practices are focused on helping people meet their treatment goals. This is reflected in the outcomes of our program participants. We help bring success across the age span and across a wide variety of medical conditions.

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